CN-X Model - Door Frame Machining Center

The CN-X model allows an increased performance and can produce many door frames per shift. Equipped with a double probe and 4 tools which can work on jambs, astragals, mullions and aluminum sills, this machining center stands out for its versatility. Hinges, multipoint, single and double bores, dadoes, angled cuts for sills and pre-drilling, everything is within your reach thanks to its 3-axis machining head.


- Digitally controlled 3-axis machining center 

- Two 2.2 kW electrospindles and

  two pneumatic tools

- Double probe 

- Clamps detection system 

- Machinable materials: wood, PVC,

  composite materials and aluminum

- Fully enclosed and safe machine 

- Automatic entry and exit

- Front support arm

- User-friendly digital control software

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The electro-welded steel frame is very robust. The weight and strength of this machining center eliminate vibrations and ensure high precision machining. Completely closed, this model for door frames is among the safest on the market.



The two 2.2 kW electrospindles allow precise machining while the two probes measure the thickness and length of the door frame, guaranteeing finished products with consistent quality. The assembly of the hardware is thus facilitated.



 The 4-tool machining head offers many possibilities for companies who wish to perform multiple types of machining on the same jamb. The CN-X is an all-in-one solution that reduces the number of machines and operators required to machine door frame components.



All operations can be managed at your fingertips on the 12-inch colour touchscreen. The interface of the digital control software is user-friendly and makes configuring door frame machining parameters easy in this CNC machining center.


  • Height: 9
  • Length: 14′ 7″
  • Width: 6′ 11″
  • Footprint: 100 sq. ft.

  • Weight: 5550 lbs
  • Jamb length capacity: 20 - 107″
  • Max jamb width capacity: 14″
  • Max jamb thickness capacity: 3- 1/4″


A-  Electrospindle 2.2 kw 

B-  Electrospindle 2.2 kw 

C-  Pneumatic drill
 * optional: square corner punch

D-  Pneumatic milling
 * optional: Electrospindle of 2kW

E-  Double probe
    (length and thickness)

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